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05 Jun How to care for your swimsuit: tips to keep it in shape and color for longer
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A swimsuit is an essential part of your summer wardrobe to comfortably enjoy the water and the sun-warmed sand at the beach. By following the care instructions and using the right detergents, you can keep your favorite swimsuit in perfect condition for several seasons. Read on to extend the life of your swimsuit as well.

10 May Cotton underwear - qualities and benefits
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Cotton material has countless advantages that make it an excellent choice for lingerie design. Are cotton bras better than other material bras? Read on to find out about the benefits of the material and how to care for it.

07 Feb We are looking for the next ROSME model for a long-term cooperation
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We are looking for a woman, who embodies the essence of natural beauty, vitality, and self-confidence. The company “Rosme” considers that the true charm and elegance lies in the authenticity of every woman. Our company has experienced a luxurious rebranding process – as our new model, you will help refresh and improve Rosme's image.

01 Feb Common myths about underwear
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In the sophisticated world of lingerie, where lace meets comfort and style meets sensuality, myths, and misconceptions often surround the beauty of this product. From ancient beliefs about ways to preserve breast shape to assumptions that the quality of underwear is determined by price. Read on to discover the truth behind these and other myths.

20 Dec Top 10 most popular bra models of 2023
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Welcome to a world of lingerie innovation and comfort! As we look back to 2023, the world of bras has taken a new direction in design, technology, and materials. Whether you're looking for support for everyday wear, a comfortable bra for an active lifestyle, or something a little more glamorous, this list reveals the top 10 bras loved by our customers.

07 Dec Unwrap joy: lingerie and nightwear make perfect Christmas gifts
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The festive season is upon us and amidst the bustle of festive decorations and the sweet smell of gingerbread, the search for the perfect Christmas gift is in full swing. Add a touch of elegance and allure to your gift-giving this year with lingerie and nightwear. These elegant pieces make thoughtful and delightful gifts that go beyond the ordinary. Let's explore why lingerie is the perfect gift to spread joy and warmth this holiday season.

07 Nov Enhance your comfort and style with the exquisite nightwear collections from Rosme
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When it comes to feeling your best, day or night, what you wear matters. Nighttime calls for a touch of glamour and comfort, and our nightwear collections are here to deliver. Whether you're winding down after a long day or getting ready for a cozy night in, our nightwear is designed to make you feel luxurious, comfortable, and confident.

06 Oct Looking for a bra to enhance your décolleté?
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Every woman's body is unique and beautiful in every detail. The right choice of underwear can give you absolute comfort in every situation. Do you know what kind of lingerie would enhance and correct your décolleté? Read on to discover collections of lingerie that will enhance the shape of your breasts attractively.

31 Aug Are you sure you're putting your bra on correctly?
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Wearing your bra correctly can impact your comfort and the fit of your underwear throughout the day. Learn a few simple steps to make your bra more comfortable.

31 Aug Underwear washing recommendations
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One of the most essential elements of a woman's outfit is the bra as it provides support and enhances her overall appearance. However, proper care of underwear is often neglected. It is important to wash and store your underwear properly to ensure that it keeps its shape and quality for as long as possible.

16 Mar Swimwear recommendations for different breast shapes
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When choosing new underwear or a swimsuit top, it is very important to understand the shape of your breasts, as this will determine how comfortable you will feel in the product. Like all other parts of the body, breasts are very different and come in different shapes (yes, there is a broader division than ''large'' or ''small'' breasts). About seven main breast shapes could help women choose which type of bra, or swimsuit top would be more suitable or, conversely, which type should be avoided.

08 Feb Discover the TOP 5 bras by our designer
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Time to meet the professionals on our team! Liene Tiļļa is the designer who regularly plans and designs the new Rosme Lingerie underwear and swimwear collections. Read on for professional advice on specific bra styles, and find out more about how Liene finds inspiration for new collections.

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