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Underwear Features Guide

Side boning, four-way elastic, padded cups, and straps. In the world of lingerie, there are countless technical terms and expressions used to describe the features of bras or panties.  The Underwear Features Guide will allow you to get to know and understand these terms to buy the right underwear model.

A wide, elastic band

The wide, elasticated bra band provides greater wearing comfort, stability, and breast shape retention. A wide elastic band supports the woman's back, flanks, and breasts, and the wider the band, the better it distributes the weight of the breasts equally.

With underwires

Underwire bras aim to create an attractive breast shape, which can be achieved by the shape of the cup, the ancillary parts, and the specially designed shape of the underwire. Such underwear separates the breasts from each other, places them in the center, and lifts them slightly to create a beautiful cleavage area while preserving the natural position of the breasts.

Cotton lining

The cotton lining fits comfortably and allows the skin to breathe without irritating. It is soft, breathable, moisture-absorbent, and easy to wash. Cotton-lined underwear is also suitable for warm days, as the cellulose in the cotton fiber draws heat away from the body, creating a cooling sensation.

A padded cup bottom

The padded bottom of the cup of Rosme bra models is lined with a soft cotton cloth. The padding provides better support for the breasts and lifts and shapes the breasts, creating an attractive cleavage area.

A wide-side part

The wide side part improves the functionality of the bra and gives a feeling of comfort. The wide detail ensures a better fit on the body, creating a smooth side part. As a result, the bra will be less visible under clothing.

Minimizing effect

The minimizer bra is deliberately made slightly smaller in the volume of the cups. As a result, the breast is pressed more tightly against the body, which visually reduces the size of the woman's breasts.

A nursing bra

The nursing bras are made of breathable and soft fabrics that do not cause discomfort or skin irritation. The nursing bras have a secure clip fastening that makes it easy and quick to open and close the cup even with one hand, making breastfeeding easier. Breasts tend to become more sensitive, larger, and heavier during breastfeeding, so this type of bra is designed to adapt to changes in breast size.

Padded cups

Padded cups provide firm shape retention as well as more comfort than thin bras. This type of cup has a full padded layer which gives an attractive, smooth, and rounded breast shape. The bra is minimally visible under clothing.

Wide, padded straps

Wide, padded shoulder straps do not squeeze the shoulders, support the breast, and ensure a better fitting of the bra to the body. In this way, the load that the bra has to withstand while being worn is more evenly distributed between the base of the bra and the shoulder straps. Therefore, the wider the shoulder straps, the more comfortable the bra is when worn.

Push-up bras

Push-up bras have a low cut in the center front and special padding in the cups. A breast lift and shaping closer to the center is achieved by padding integrated or removable in the cups, which plumps the breast area and creates a fuller, firmer breast appearance.

Removable straps

Removable shoulder straps allow the bra to be worn under a variety of garments with the shoulders exposed.

Side boning

The side bones in the breast help to stabilize the lateral part of the breast and give better shape retention. 

Padded side part

The padded side part in the bra cups is a great help in shaping and correcting the shape of the breasts for medium soft, soft breasts and breasts located far from the center of the front. The padded side of the cup transits into the shoulder strap, so the shoulder strap is padded too, giving you more comfort when wearing it.

An adjusting side part

The side part in the cups helps to shape the breasts closer to the center of the front. 

Spacer material

Spacer material is knitted using a special technology, knitting two layers of material at the same time and forming a strand of yarn between them. The material is lightweight, has good shape retention, and excellent breathability.

Wireless comfort

Wireless bras can provide the support and comfort you need for everyday life while maintaining the natural shape of your breasts. The wireless bra does not have any integrated wires that strictly define the position and size of the breast, so they are comfortable for various daily activities and suitable for different breast sizes and shapes.

4-way flexibility

Thanks to the material's four-way elasticity, it can offer a perfect fit and comfort for a wide range of movements. 

Quick-drying material

Wearing wet swimwear for long periods can cause skin irritation and rashes. The fibers used in our product design allow the swimwear to dry faster and without discomfort.

Resistance to chlorine

The product is made of chlorine-resistant materials. Swimwear made with this material is well suited for use in the pool, as chlorinated water does not adversely affect the color and texture of the swimwear.

Resistance to sunscreen and oil

The product is made from high-quality materials that have been specially treated to prevent sunscreen or oil stains. 


The product is made from particularly soft and skin-friendly materials. For a pleasant feeling of comfort - they do not cause friction or skin irritation, and such materials are adapted to particularly sensitive skin types.

UV protection

The product is formulated with materials that protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and help reduce the risk of sunburn. The fabric material acts as a barrier and reduces direct exposure to harmful UV radiation.

UV protection 50+

The product is formulated with materials that protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and help reduce the risk of sunburn. The fabric material acts as a barrier and reduces direct exposure to harmful UV radiation. Unlike sunscreens that need to be reapplied regularly, swimwear with UV protection provides constant protection from the sun for as long as the material is worn. It does not wash out or diminish over time, providing continuous protection against the sun's rays.


To preserve natural resources and the environment, the product is made from recycled textile fibers. Using recycled materials makes the product more sustainable, while also reducing production waste and contributing to the development of the circular fashion industry.

2-way flexibility

Products using materials with bi-directional flexibility can provide the necessary comfort and freedom of movement at the same time as maintaining good shape retention.

Moisture absorption

The product is made of versatile materials with good moisture absorption, ensuring that the product can collect the moisture released from the body and dry faster, resulting in no discomfort to the body.

Breathable fabric

The product is made from light, airy materials with good breathability. This fabric allows the skin to breathe without sweating or irritating the skin.


Extra thin and light fabric. Products with this feature are virtually invisible under clothing.

Perfect body fit

The materials used in the product are thin, smooth, and highly elastic, allowing for a perfect body fit. This type of underwear will be as comfortable as a "second skin".

Wear resistance

The product is made from high-quality materials, which are manufactured using special yarns or special finishes to ensure that the material retains its original visual quality for a long time. 


The product is made of skin-friendly, breathable, hypoallergenic, and soft materials. Perfect for women with sensitive skin.

A cooling effect

The product is made using materials with microfibres that contribute to a pleasant cooling effect. The material absorbs moisture well, providing a feeling of comfort.

Color fastness

The product is made from high-quality materials with high color fastness. Colorfastness to light, washing, abrasion, perspiration, and ironing. The products you buy are sustainable, even after countless wears, washes, and care.


For added stability and a customizable fit, the shoulder straps can be adjustable and can be crossed at the back to increase support and minimize movement during high-intensity workouts.