Many of us don't really know our bra size, so we tend to buy underwear that doesn't fit properly and causes discomfort. A well-fitting bra is important not only for appearance and comfort but also for health. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause back and shoulder pain.

Often women choose their bra size based on their favorite bra but remember that our bodies change over time and sizes can vary between manufacturers. It is important to re-measure yourself from time to time to make sure you are wearing the right size of underwear.

Read on to find out if the bra cups match your chosen bra.

  • Prepare a soft tape measure, a pen, and a sheet to write down your measurements.

We recommend that small-breasted women take measurements on naked bodies, while medium and large-breasted women should choose a comfortable bra with underwire but without padding.

How to correctly measure the circumference of the underbust line

  • Put the tape measure around your body directly under your breasts.

Remember not to tighten the tape measure too much, it should fit your body comfortably and evenly.

If you take the measurement with your bra on, make sure that the tape fits perfectly around your body. The details of the bra may cause unnecessary volume and measurements across the base of the bra may be incorrect.

The tape measure should be horizontal around your body, so it is recommended to take your measurements in front of a mirror so you can see that you are doing everything correctly.

The visible number is the underbust measurement in cm.

How to correctly measure your bust size

  • Place the tape measure across the fullest part of the breasts.

Again, remember not to tighten the tape when taking this measurement, it should fit evenly around the body and be parallel to the floor.

The visible number is your bust size in cm.

Bra size guide

 Based on the two measurements taken - take a look at the Rosme Lingerie bra size guide. First, note the underbust measurement in the table. In the column below this measurement, also note the bust size. As a result, you will find out what is your correct cup and bra size.

Recommendations for measuring bra size

  • The first and most important question - is the bra you choose comfortable?
  • The bra should not fit too tightly. If you can see imprints on your skin after wearing the bra, you have chosen a bra that is too tight.
  • Nor can the bra be too loose. If the bra straps feel comfortable when tightening, attention should be paid to the position of the base of the bra. If the bra rises up at the back, the wrong size has been chosen and it will not provide the desired breast stability.
  • The bra must cover the breasts completely. Put your arms up when trying on the bra. If the bra lifts up and the breasts remain underneath, the bra is the wrong size.
  • If your breasts are unstable when you bend over in the bra, you have chosen the wrong cup size or the bra design is not suitable for your breasts. If there is a gap in the bra cup, you have selected a size that is too large, while if the edges of the bra cup press into the front or sides of the breast, you have chosen a size that is too small.
  • When trying on the bra, use the loosest hook and adjust the straps so that they fit tightly but do not pinch the shoulders. When looking at yourself from the side, your breasts should be midway between your shoulders and elbows.
  • If, after adjusting the shoulder straps, the bra straps are still pushing into the shoulders and causing discomfort, it is advisable to choose another bra with wider or padded straps, or a bra with a more stable base and a wider clasp to relieve pressure on the shoulder area.
  • If you are in between sizes or have difficulty finding the right size, increase the cup circumference and decrease the cup size, or vice versa. For example, if you choose a D cup size 85 but it is too tight in circumference, try going up to a 90 and going down to a C cup size.

Save your size to make in-store and online shopping easier. 

Bra sizes can vary between lingerie brands, so you shouldn't just rely on the size on the label - different brands and styles may require you to go up or down a circumference or cup size.

Remember, the right bra should be comfortable and firm. You need to catch the feeling that you forgot to put it on.