A bra can be made for every woman, for every situation. For those days you want to spend at home, doing nothing or lounging on the sofa watching every single episode of your favorite TV show. On days when you go hiking or relieve stress at the gym. Days when you're wearing your prettiest dress and heading out for a date. Days when you just want to feel comfortable and feminine. You can find the right bra to feel comfortable in every situation. Read on to find out which types of bra will work best for you in daily situations.

Underwire bra 

Underwire bras aim to create an attractive breast shape, which can be achieved by the shape of the cup, the ancillary parts, and the shape of the underwire. In this type of underwear, the breasts are separated from each other, centered, and slightly lifted upwards to form a beautiful cleavage area.

The underwires are integrated into the bra for better and firmer shape support.

To achieve the desired effect and to feel comfortable, it is important to choose quality underwear in the right size for you. The underwire should fit evenly - from the décolletage to the underarms. The underwire can be made of sturdy metal or plastic wire and can have different thicknesses and flexibility depending on the application. The underwire is encased in a special finishing band, providing extra shape retention and wearing comfort.

One of the main advantages of this underwear is the mentioned shape support, which is particularly important for women with larger breast sizes. Take a look and choose the underwire bras on our website.

Non-wired bras

Non-wired bras can provide excellent comfort throughout the day. This type of bra gives an attractive and natural breast shape and holds the breasts well.

The non-wired bra has no wires, so it is extra soft and comfortable and can adapt to different breast sizes.

Rosme Lingerie offers a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials for non-wired bras. A non-wired bra will be suitable for a variety of daily physical activities, also it is recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as for women recovering from surgery.

Non-wired bra cups are made of thin material and will be well suited for women who want to visually reduce the volume of their breasts, as these non-wired bras have a "minimizer" effect. 

Soft cup bra 

Depending on the materials used, the soft cup bras will be comfortable for everyday wear as well as for special occasions when a woman wants to feel particularly attractive.

They can give a lighter feel without losing any of the form features.

A soft cup bra could be particularly comfortable in the warmer months of the year as the materials used are thin and have good breathability. Soft cup bras are available in different styles, colors, and sizes, take a look at the Rosme Lingerie webpage and choose your favorite style.

Padded bra 

Depending on the design of the bra, padded bras give the breasts a defined shape.

The padded bra cups give the breasts a comfortable lift and create a beautiful décolletage zone.

Padded bras are popular women's lingerie that enhances and brightens up different styles of clothing. This type of underwear is suitable for different breast sizes. Rosme Lingerie offers several types of padded bras - partially padded, fully padded, with removable pads, as well as ready-made moulded cup bras, so that every woman can find a bra to suit her outfit. 

Push-up bra 

The padding in the cups of the bra adds volume to the breast area and creates a fuller, firmer breast appearance.

The padding in push-up bras is positioned at an angle that moves the breast muscles towards the center, lifting the breasts upwards and creating a beautiful décolletage zone. 

Rosme Lingerie offers push-up lingerie in different styles, designs, and colors, from lightly padded to fully padded push-up bras. The foam padding is perfect for firm-breasted women. Women with small breasts most often choose more padded push-up cups, while women with larger breasts choose a lightly padded push-up bra to enhance the shape of the breasts without increasing breast volume.

Nursing bras 

Rosme Lingerie's nursing bras are made from breathable and soft fabrics that do not cause discomfort or skin irritation.

The bras have a cotton lining to protect sensitive skin and prevent chafing. The nursing bras have secure strap clips that make it easy and quick to open and close the cup even with one hand, making breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. The nursing bra is designed to be worn during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The bra is designed to combine the functionality of comfort and stable breast support. Breasts tend to become more sensitive, larger, and heavier during breastfeeding, so this type of lingerie is designed to adapt to breast changes. Nursing bras are versatile and functional so that new mums and mums-to-be do not have to worry about discomfort during various daily activities.

Cotton bra 

Cotton bras fit the body well, allowing the skin to breathe without irritation or rashes.

Cotton bras are the perfect solution if a woman has sensitive breasts or wants to use natural materials in her underwear.

Cotton fabric is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and easy to wash, it stays fresher for longer. Cotton underwear is also suitable for warm days, as the cellulose in the cotton fiber draws heat away from the body, creating a cooling sensation. Cotton has the advantage of sustainability and quality, so cotton bras keep their shape and elasticity longer.